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What can I Eat after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth located in the back of your mouth typically come in between 17 to 25 years of age. It is very important to remove the wisdom teeth because they are impacted and won't come in normally. If you are not sure about what should we use to eat after experiencing the wisdom teeth removal you should consult with your Dentist who can guide you about the most suitable food according to the sensitivity of your food.

After getting the removal of wisdom teeth, you have to use liquid and soft food. You should avoid using hard food that can damage or trapped your teeth, especially in the recovery area. There are several varieties of food that you can use including sauce, yogurt, broths, soups, and crushed potatoes plus ice cream. It would be good to avoid excessive use of ice cream because it might relieve some discomfort.

The best the food you can use for immediate relief is nutrient-rich soups and smoothies that can be very helpful to set the other sugary options on the list. When the healing process started you can use normal day per your choice but there are also a few specific items that you should avoid immediately after the wisdom teeth removal. Avoid acidic and spicy food like citrus juice and the most essential to avoid is alcoholic beverages that can irritate the area and slow down the healing process.

You have to stop using all types of food that It would be difficult to chew and reopen the stitches during the healing process. Keep in mind that the use of tobacco and cigarette will increase the risk of complications that lead to serious infection. Symptoms of wisdom teeth infection are fever, spasm of the jaw muscles, bad taste or smell in the mouth and Unpleasant or puffed gum near the extraction area.